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Busting The Dirt Off Your Home Exterior, The Right Way!

It’s natural that you want your home to look its best. Perhaps your home siding has fallen victim to dirt and green stuff, or maybe you are looking to sell your home and boost your curb appeal? Whatever the reason, Dirt Busters LKN is here to help.

Established in 2002, we have been spending the better part of 20 years perfecting our proven process for exterior cleaning and serving our community. We look forward to helping you feel proud of your home!

Safe Exterior Cleaning Services in Mooresville, NC

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make — we’re here to help you feel proud of it.

House Washing

Are you tired of seeing that dirt and green stuff on your home siding? That green stuff will likely be mildew, mold and algae- and it's slowly eating away at your siding. Unfortunately, just pulling out a pressure washer and pointing it to your home siding can actually cause more damage than anything else.

At Dirt Busters LKN, we will bust that dirt in a safe and effective way. We take a gentle approach to your home siding, hand scrubbing with eco-friendly cleaners to safely remove that dirt and refresh your home exterior. Our proprietary cleaners will not harm your lawns, plants, pets or your property, and allow us to wash your house with a gentle process — not with a damaging pressure washer.

Pressure Washing Cement Areas

Has your cement around your property lost its original appeal? Perhaps there have been some stains on your driveway that have been there for a long time.

At Dirt Busters LKN, we can help you restore your paving or driveway to its brighter, original color — helping to boost your curb appeal so you can feel proud when you pull up on your driveway.

Exterior Window Washing

Your windows play an important role in the overall appearance of your home exterior. If your home siding is clean but your windows are dirty and streaky, they are going to distract away from the impact of your sparkling property.

We provide a professional window cleaning service alongside our other exterior cleaning to help make your windows spot-free and sparkling.

Gutter Cleaning

If your gutters are clogged with leaves and debris, not only does this look unsightly, but it can cause some real problems for the water flow in your gutters. And if water cannot flow through your gutters properly, this can lead to structural damage that can be very costly.

At Dirt Busters LKN, we clean your gutters safely and effectively, removing anything that should not be in there so that your gutters can continue to function the way they are supposed to!

Roof Cleaning

Just like your home siding, your roof can fall the victim to mold and mildew. And, just like your home siding, these things can eat away at your roof surface.

Using our soft washing technique, we gently remove any dirt, mold and mildew from your roof surface. This will not only help revive the look of your roof, but it will also help add to its overall lifespan too.

Are you ready to get started?

Let's bust the dirt and help you feel proud of your property again.

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"Did a fantastic job pressure washing our house. It’s white and really shows when dirty. Looks brand new when they finished. Highly recommend!"
Scott H. via Google